Programs and Events

Children’s Church

events-2aOur children, ages two to twelve, participate in what we call the Joshua Generation program each Saturday afternoon. They learn Bible stories through teaching, songs, and activities. After their lesson they have snack time, play games, and then join the evening service. Their teachers have a deep faith that each child will develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Youth Meetings

Our young people from ages twelve and up regularly gather for times of worship, personal ministry, and the teaching of the basic foundations of the Scriptures. The energy and enthusiasm in these meetings is created by our young adults’ desire for a deeper relationship with the Lord and one another. The evening often ends with a time of fellowship in the church café or another social activity. Contact our pastor for more information.

Senior Group Ministry

p_008This group is a vital part of the health and strength of the Shiloh church. From helping with lunch preparation to being involved in teaching our young children, the value of our elders can be seen in every part of the church. Every Thursday, at 10:30 a.m., our senior congregants gather for a time of intercessory prayer. Prayer topics include health needs, our young people, our nation, world events, and the manifestation of God’s power in our fellowship of churches and in the Body of Christ worldwide.

Saturday Activities

Many members of the Shiloh church volunteer their time for activities such as teaching our children, maintaining the buildings and grounds, helping with office administration, and preparing for the Sunday service. Saturday afternoons are an active time at Shiloh, beginning with gathering for a time of connection and prayer at 1:00pm and then spending the afternoon together in work and fellowship around the church. Our Joshua Generation children’s program runs from 3:00pm until the evening service at 5:00pm. The service is followed by dinner and a time of fellowship together which in the warmer months often end with a barbecue, swimming, a volleyball game, or some other activity on the church grounds. We believe that everyone in the church community has God-given gifts and talents that are expressed in our time together.

Biblical Feasts


Each year Shiloh celebrates several special times together as instructed in the Scriptures (Exodus 23:14). Our celebration of these feasts includes special services, times of fellowship, and other activities. The biblical feasts are always a memorable time of seeking the Lord. During these times we place extra emphasis on activities for the children, which they look forward to each year.

We celebrate the Feast of Passover, the Feast of Pentecost, and the Feast of Tabernacles. During each of the feasts we anticipate a rich time of worship, teaching, and fellowship together with the Lord. The feasts also include events such as a Seder dinner during Passover and a weekend campout on the Shiloh grounds during Tabernacles.

Another feast that we celebrate is the Feast of Purim, initiated in the Book of Esther. This feast celebrates the deliverance of God’s people from the hands of their enemies. We borrow from Jewish tradition by having a costume party and a play depicting the story of Esther. This feast is always a delight for our young children.

Hosting Feasts and Conferences

Shiloh is a conference center for The Living Word Fellowship. Our facilities can house and feed about 500 people for events such as the celebrations of the biblical feasts, ministry training conferences, and health retreats. Our annual School of Prophets summer conference is the largest annual event we host. It is held each year from June 28 through July 5 and includes an Independence Day Celebration for the community. Attendance for the conference includes ministries and families from our fellowship as well as visiting ministries from other fellowships.  More information about this event can be found at The Living Word Fellowship website.

Performing Arts

events-3Many of the young people and other members of the church are involved in performing arts through school or other venues. We focus many of our activities on providing an outlet for this expression within the church. On various evenings throughout the year we have talent shows or dances, with live music provided by some of the church members. For the past several years, one of our biggest events has been our New Year’s Eve celebration, which features an original musical performance by our young people.

The Joseph Ministry

The Joseph Ministry is a vital, important ministry of The Living Word Fellowship. This ministry is housed at Shiloh.

Genesis chapters 37 through 50 contain the scriptural basis for the Joseph Ministry. These chapters describe how the Old Testament patriarch Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt by his brothers but ended up preparing for and protecting the country from famine. In the process of providing for Egypt, he also saved his family and his own people. In one key passage in the Genesis account, Joseph said to his brothers, “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive” (Genesis 50:20). Joseph’s saving of a people alive is the inspiration for this ministry to our churches.

We believe we are a people who have an environmental responsibility to the earth, to each other in The Living Word Fellowship, and to the Body of Christ.This responsibility is reflected in the strategies that accomplish the stated mission of the Joseph Ministry: “to provide sustenance from a life-enriched environment that preserves God’s people alive and healthy.”The specific strategies of the Joseph Ministry are emergency preparation, food management, ecosystem management, holistic health and healing, and living environments.

The Health Ministry

The Health Ministry, a part of the Joseph Ministry, provides health education and guidance for members of The Living Word Fellowship. It is primarily housed at Shiloh and consists of a fellowship-wide network of healthcare practitioners and researchers, including chiropractors; nutritionists; nurses; biochemists; biologists; massage therapists; and medical, osteopathic, and naturopathic physicians. Those who participate in this unique ministry understand that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). They are seeking God’s wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and revelation about the human body that will lead to health and longevity.

Shiloh University

Shiloh University offers courses in all aspects of Christian faith to congregants of The Living Word Fellowship churches. The university provides a solid foundation for students to excel in many areas of ministry, including pastorship and church administration. Degreed programs are offered, and courses may also be taken for personal enrichment and to gain a deeper knowledge of the Scriptures.

Courses are taught using distance learning methods, allowing interested students in any location to participate. For more information please visit the Shiloh University website.