Shiloh’s Mission

We are a family created by a living Word with a drive to

  • Love and worship God, seeking to experience the heights and depths of His presence.
  • Provide an atmosphere of love and acceptance that encourages each person’s expression of the Lord.
  • Hold our hearts open as the Holy Spirit reveals new avenues in God’s truth and endeavor to incorporate them into our daily lifestyle.
  • Provide the opportunity for every individual to live according to God’s principles and truths.
  • Bring forth generations of sons and daughters who become mature sons of God through training and instilling the ways of the Lord.
  • Create and develop a community that provides for our spiritual and natural needs and activities.
  • Participate in preserving and making available the Living Word.
  • Speak Christ’s Word and manifest His authority to impact ourselves, those around us, and the whole earth.

By His grace we move forward in faith to a new day of fulfillment in Shiloh.