Shiloh News

Shiloh Independence Day Celebration – No Public Show

There will be no public fireworks show on July 3rd at Shiloh this year. There will be a small private celebration with fireworks and music on July 4th at Shiloh for attendees of their annual summer conference.

For thirty years the Shiloh church has hosted an annual celebration of America’s Independence Day that has become a large attraction in the community. The “Fireworks Spectacular” production has become a favorite event for many from all over Iowa and beyond. This success led to a growth in attendance that exceeded the capacity of what the Shiloh church facilities could handle. In light of this, it was announced last year that July 3rd, 2017 was the farewell presentation.

Craig Haworth, Shiloh pastor and Chuck Rogness, Shiloh pastor and part of the Richmond Shooters fireworks team, see this as the end to a chapter. Pastor Haworth explains, “We know the community has enjoyed this show and will miss it. It has been an honor for the Shiloh Church to host such a lasting and impactful event and we are continuing to look for new ways to participate in future events and activities that will be a blessing to our community.”