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Passover – A Time Of Beginnings

This weekend Shiloh will begin our celebration of Passover. This feast is always a tremendous time of God’s anointing and this year there is a great anticipation for our Passover celebration. I personally am filled with hope for what God is going to do in our hearts.

The Passover celebration comes in early spring and it is a time of beginnings. Abib, the month in which Passover falls, is called the beginning of Months for Israel (Ex 12:2). The Passover deliverance marks the beginning of Israel as a nation. And the feast of Unleavened Bread, which follows Passover, was the beginning of a new way of life for God’s people down to the very food that they were to eat.

As Christians, we also celebrate this theme of beginnings which is evident throughout the Passover. Passover for us represents God’s judgment, through Christ’s blood, on the domain of darkness which held us captive. It also marks the beginning of our new life under a new dominion in the Kingdom of His beloved Son (Col 1:13). But one of the most powerful beginnings to me is shown in the waving of sheaf of the first fruits described in Lev 23:10.

The waving of the sheaf of the first fruits was something that was to be done after Israel had entered into the Promised Land. It was a celebration of the evidence that God had brought them to a new place. To me it was as though God were saying to them; “Look! Do you see the fruit of this new land? Every time you see it, you must remember that I brought you here just as I said I would. It was My strength, My word, My love, that brought you out of darkness into this new life where I can be a Father to you and you will be sons and daughters to Me.”

When I think of this time and our celebration of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ I want to celebrate it with the awareness that God is now saying to me; “Do you see Jesus my Son? Do you see what I did in raising Him from the dead as first fruits? Will you see in that how much I love you? By My love, through My Son, I have brought you out of darkness and into a new life where I can be a Father to you and you will be sons and daughters to Me.”

If Christ is our door to the Father, then Passover and the waving of the sheaf of the first fruits celebrates the moment at which that door swung open.

It’s the time. A new beginning waits for us. There is no time for condemnation, no time for second guessing about yesterday. All of us have come short of the glory of God, but we were never meant to do it in our strength anyway. Let go of any sense of failure. Let the sorrows of yesterday’s slavery be healed by the blood of the Lamb.

Jesus, the first fruits, is waving; the land of promise is waiting to be settled. Let’s press into it. Let’s celebrate the Passover!

Craig Haworth

Craig Haworth

Craig serves as the senior pastor of Shiloh in Kalona, Iowa. Craig’s hunger for the Lord and his knowledge of God’s word has been a hallmark of his ministry and a foundation for the training of young ministries. He has a Master of Divinity degree from Shiloh University and is currently working on his Doctor of Ministry.