Moms: Inventive Encouragement Grows the Children in God

I asked Andy Thompson, a young ministry in training here at the Shiloh church, to write a blog for Mother’s Day. We have tremendous mothers of faith in our midst and on this day we want to honor them and recognize the love and energy that they have put into growing up the children (including…

Our Youth Volunteer to Help With “Operation: Backpack”

Nicol Dunn, a of the youth pastors here at Shiloh, writes about one of the activities they do with our youth group on a regular basis to give back to the community: For the past several years the Shiloh youth group has volunteered for Operation: Backpack at the United Methodist Church in Kalona. The church…


Shiloh is a Living Word Fellowship church and conference center located in Kalona, Iowa. Since its construction in the mid-1970s it has been the home of a community church founded on the belief that the Bible is the inspired word of God and is living and active through Christ's involvement in the life of every believer. We are a family-oriented, energetic church, emphasizing the importance of all age groups in our relationships and activities.

In addition, we host events for all of the churches in The Living Word Fellowship including an annual summer conference and youth programs.

We welcome you to visit our services or to contact one of our pastors if you have any further questions.